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"Listen to me," Dean whispered, his tone harsh and ragged with obvious unease. "Don't say a word, not a fucking word, got it? You didn't do anything wrong, they can't pin anything on you. You ask for a lawyer or a parent and you don't say anything."

"Dean, what—"

"No time. Are you with me or not here?" Dean's hands came to rest on either side of Castiel, at the junctures between his neck and his shoulders and he squeezed in what he hoped felt like a soothing, grounding gesture. "Don't crack on me, Cas. You're gonna be fine, I promise. You trust me?"

Castiel could only nod frantically. He started to say something, Dean's name about to pass on his lips before he was interrupted and cut off by a startled low gasp and a shout of "Jesus Christ!"

The officer was backing away from the car, his eyes trained on the passenger seat covered in red, and his hand already grabbing his gun from the belt slung around his waist. Dean only had time to push Castiel away from him with a curse before the gun was being aimed right at him.

"Hands behind your head, on your knees, now!"

Dean closed his eyes, resignation washing over him, and slowly sunk to his knees, his hands lacing together behind his skull. Castiel, hesitating and unsure, followed. As soon as Castiel revealed his bloodied hands, the officer's gun switched its aim to him.

"Face down on the ground!" The two teens complied. "Dispatch, what's the ETA on those plates, I've got something happening here."

The radio buzzed and the female voice returned. "Plates are registered to a Dean Winchester. He's the one with the warrant out for his arrest for that ten-seventy-two out at the high school."

The officer grinned in a startling maniacal fashion. "That must make you Castiel then," he sneered, his gun gesturing slightly at the younger teen. "Dispatch, I've got both suspects here, need backup."

"Copy. What's your location?"

"One mile south of Wabash and Colton, ETA?"

"Two minutes. Officers dispatched."

"Copy." The officer took a few steps forward until he was hovering right over the two teenagers. Dean turned to face Castiel, giving him a reassuring nod before he was being nudged roughly in the shoulder.

"You two boys are in serious trouble," the officer said, smirking at Dean's wince. "You cut that poor kid up pretty good, didn't ya?"

"We didn't do anything," Dean snarled.

"Yeah, and I'm Santa Claus."

"Hey man, I don't need to know about your kinks." That earned Dean kick and Castiel gave the officer a defiant glare. A long, silent and tense moment followed, the gun looming over them and the officer's watchful eye bearing in to the backs of their skulls. As soon as Castiel heard wailing sirens hurtling towards them, he flipped his head over to look at Dean.

He whispered the older teen's name, the officer deaf to the word over the quickly approaching police cars.

"It's okay Cas, I'm here."

"What do I do?" If circumstances were different, Castiel would have been embarrassed at the panic in voice. "What am I supposed to say?"

"Nothing. You're gonna be alright, Cas. I promised you, didn't I? I'm gonna get you out of this."

Castiel shook his head as the cars came to a screeching halt somewhere close down the road, and doors were being thrown open; gun were being drawn. Castiel lowered his eyes to the pavement. Wide, green eyes tried to follow him, hold his gaze, but Castiel refused to meet them. "I'm sorry I ever drew you in to this mess. Sam too."

"Hey," Dean called, his voice insisting. Castiel turned to face him again, the road scratching his cheek. "We're gonna figure this out. All of it. I'm not gonna hang you out to dry." Castiel opened his mouth to protest, but before he could get the words to pass his throat, Dean gave him a sharp wink and whispered, "Besides, I kinda like you, yeah?"

Dean turned away from Castiel then, missing the way Castiel's eyes went wide, instead glancing up at the officer. "Hey, Santa Claus!"

The officer looked down at him as the backup officers approached, their guns lowering at the sight of the subdued teens.

"When are we gonna get this show on the road? I got places to be," Dean called up to him.

"You'd shut your mouth if you knew what was good for you, boy."

"Oh you know how I get all tingly when you talk dirty to me."

Suddenly Dean was being hauled to his feet by his shoulder and he grunted as he was thrown over the hood of the car hard, his hands being yanked behind his back with more force than necessary.

Castiel let out a noise that was something between a growl and a shout, and then hands were lifting him to his feet too. He felt the cool metal around his wrists as a tall female officer pulled him by the shoulder towards another car and began searching his pockets. "He has nothing to do with this." The words were tumbling out of his mouth before he could register them. "It was me, it was all me."

"Cas, shut the hell up," Dean hissed from the hood of the car, the officer's hand pushing his face in to the hot surface and holding him there. "Remember what I said!"

The officer finished searching Dean's pockets, pulling out his wallet and keys. He pointed at another officer standing by. "You take Clyde in your car, I've got Bonnie over here. Meet up back at the station."

Dean quirked an eyebrow. "Wait, why do I gotta be Bonnie?"

"A pretty face like you, who else would you be?" the officer deadpanned as he pulled Dean up off the hood and began walking him to the back seat of his cruiser.

"Oh Santa." Dean flashed him his best shit-eating grin just as the officer was pushing on his head, lowering Dean in to the seat. "You are so going on my naughty list."

Suffer the Children (c) [link]
Art (c) ~imadoodlist
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